The most traditional space we have, it’s perfectly laid out for 8 people to sit around and meet or craft together, or the tables can be separated to create two individual groups.  Ideal for between 2 and 8 people.  If you need a bigger space try Am, or for a smaller space try Be.

Do crafts
Do meetings
Do your thing
Do workshops

For small groups it’s ideal for shared activities like sewing or drawing classes, or other similar crafts where you can face inwards to each other to follow along with an instructor and socialise with the other members of your group.  For business meetings it is more formal than Be but just the right size for one-on-one meetings and interviews, or for small board meetings.  With its unique quirky decor your craft session will feel right at home and your meetings will be professional but with a flare of pizazz to them.

This space has a kitchenette making it ideal for any crafts involving food or paint etc., or it can be setup as a drink and food station for you to manage your own teas/coffees and food.  The space also has an optional popcorn machine for a bit of extra fun so you can Do what you want.