Can I book earlier or later in the day than the online booking system allows?
Yes you can, just contact us to discuss your requirements and we will extend the calendar hours on the day(s) you require.

Where are the BACS payment details?
When choosing to pay by BACS bank transfer, the sort code, account number and order number are on the next screen.  Please use the order number as the payment reference number.

Do I need to check my booking?
If you pay by card then your booking is instantly confirmed.  If you pay by BACS you will receive a confirmation email as soon as the payment is received.

I need time to setup
We are happy for you to arrive 10 minutes before your booked time to setup, and don’t mind if you need 10 minutes after your booking to pack up your things.  If you have a lot of setup to do and would like to arrive earlier, this can be done by agreement (please contact us).  Alternatively book an hour earlier and incorporate some networking time in your event to make the most of the hour.

Are you pet friendly?
Absolutely, by arrangement.  Please contact us to confirm how many legs your pet has and suitability for the space.

Are you disabled accessible?
Partially.  The building was built before electricity was even a thing, and accessibility concerns even less so.  The ground floor is accessible from the rear with a very small step, and has the Be and Do rooms, a unisex toilet, kitchenette and primary reception room accessible on this flat floor.  The Am room, kitchen and two further unisex toilets are up a flight of stairs (the steps are deep and wide).  You should be able to walk unassisted up stairs if you intend to use the Am room.

Where is my receipt/invoice?
Login to your customer account and all the relevant documents are available to you.  They are emailed to you during the booking confirmation step also, so please check the usual spam folders to make sure they aren’t hiding.

I have a special requirement
This is great; it would be terrible if everybody was the same.  We are very accommodating and happy to discuss anything with you and where possible will explore ways to meet your requirements.

What connectors are on the projectors?
We have 2 fixed and one portable projector.  All projectors take HDMI for video/audio, as well as VGA for video if you cannot support HDMI.  We have a selection of convertor leads, connectors and adapters available to help you get connected.  We have never had a device we couldn’t connect, but if you’re not sure please do stop by to check your equipment before the day of your big presentation to avoid any last-minute emergencies.  Contact us to arrange a time to pop in and check

What is included in the booking?
Bottomless hot drinks (tea and coffee), and water (tap).  WiFi is also included.  We also throw in a warm welcome for free.

Will you offer advice and guidance?
Absolutely (within reason).  We have a lot of experience with different types of events so more than likely know the sorts of questions to ask and the guidance to offer you.  We can’t be your personal event planners however, but we want your event to be a success and will help where we can.  Sometimes on the day people have problems or forgot something (usually copies of training materials/print-outs/really obscure prop).  In these situations we are happy to do whatever we can to help solve the issue as best as possible, and we will settle any additional material costs after your event when the panic is over and your guests have gone.

What if guests arrive before I do?
Sometimes it is unavoidable that the event host is late or some guests arrive super early.  This can be awkward and stressful for the host, but we will try our best to keep the situation as problem-free as possible.  If this happens we usually park your guest(s) in any room that is available that is different to the room you have booked, and do our best to discreetly let you know you have guests already.  We will offer your guests beverages and make them feel comfortable until you arrive.  When you arrive, you can get setup and then collect your guests when ready.

Where do we park?
There is limited parking at the venue for hosts (we will send details to you before your event).  Your guests have a choice of 2 car-parks and the venue is equidistant betwixt them.  Queen Street MSP is free for the first 2 hours during the week, and stops charging after 6pm.  It is then 50p per hour paid on exit (the cheapest and most convenient).  We recommend parking here as it will be cheapest for your guests.  If parking at 4pm it will be free for them because the 2-hour free time takes them to 6pm when the carpark stops charging, meaning nothing is payable at all.  After 6pm the Allhallows MSP also becomes free (until 6am), so for evening events we recommend this is the best one to use as it is open 24 hours.

I am lactose intolerant
That’s ok, we have a selection of milks.